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Many adult english movies has got oodles of acclaim from the viewers for its uniqueness. It has created a substantial fuss amongst the viewers. For example, English movie ‘The Reader’ had bagged the Golden Globe Awards for the best actress category. The unmatched performance by ‘Titanic’ starer Kate Winslet, as a bus conductor who falls in love with a kid, is applauded not even in US but by the viewers worldwide. Other hugely appreciated adult movie DVD collection includes 50 first dates, bitter moon, ‘The Unfaithful’, ‘Chicago’ and ‘Body Of Evidence’.

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How to Overcome an Addiction to Pornography

With access to pornography so incredibly easy due to the nature of the internet the number of people viewing online pornography has skyrocketed and its loss of taboo status to almost be a norm for many people has led to a sharp increase in people who have become mired in the world of smut. How to overcome pornography addiction has become a major topic because of the enormous numbers of people who have realized that it has gone beyond cheap thrills and occasional titillation and has started to control their life.

One of the biggest problems we start with when looking to break free of an addiction like this is the social stigma associated with it, many people would laugh if you admitted to having an addiction to porn that was inhibiting your life where if you admitted that you had an addiction to alcohol or a drug people would be more sympathetic. This compounded with the high number of people who have become addicted to the world of porn because of low self esteem means it can be a real uphill battle that many face on their own without any help.

That being said, difficult is not the same as impossible! To start with you must take some practical steps to limit the damage this problems causes and you must develop a resolve to quit and be done with it ‘cold turkey’ as they say because any ‘once off’ moments can be a very self defeating thing where the slide back into addiction can take hold. So to start, while you are committed to this course of action and are ready to take some action they this:

Unsubscribe to any pornography pay sites you have.
Delete all links & passwords to any pornography websites you have … clean out your internet history completely so there is NO trace.
Download an adult content blocker and install it. While you can always override it the blocker will help stop you browsing and getting caught up. Also if you have someone helping you with this get THEM to set the password without you knowing to make it more secure!
Find something else you can do when you get bored or frustrated online that will take your mind off your habit as boredom and frustration has been proven to be a major factor in building a pornography addiction.
Take some time to think of the ‘why’ of your addiction. How to overcome addiction to pornography requires serious, honest introspection and can be more important than willpower and actions like the points before as a behavioral addiction is usually a result of other problems in your life such as low self esteem, depression, stress or sometimes even anger against the opposite sex.

A Wellness Perspective on Pornography

Did you know that there is not a single book on wellness and pornography? Not only that — no worksite wellness program offers lectures, educational videos or other instruction about pornography. The National Wellness Association has not addressed the topic – not a single session at any of the 30-plus annual conferences has been devoted to x-rated sex. No wonder many employees do not find worksite wellness of much interest. You might think that hardly anybody is interested in pornography or that there is no possible connection between wellness and pornography. If you think this is the case, you could be mistaken.

Woody Allen famously remarked, “Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it’s one of the best.” If, in fact, a lot of people are participating in some form of pornography, then the activity is probably relevant to wellness. Why? Because wellness is about quality of life — and pornography must be either adding to or detracting from the quality of life of those who view or otherwise connect with it in some form. Thus, it seems that pornography warrants a wellness perspective.

To frame this discussion, a few basics must be addressed. For instance, what the heck is pornography, henceforth referred to simply as porn?

Well, that depends. It depends on who is doing the defining. There are religious definitions, but many others as well. There is no consensus definition of what it is or how best to deal with it that goes across interest group lines. Some consider porn immoral, but many social scientists do not. I don’t know if I’m a social scientist, but I definitely do not find that porn is always immoral.

On the other hand, I do find most of what I’ve encountered of it, to use a scientific term, rather icky, not to mention course and disrespectful of women. However, when consenting adults are involved in matters related to sexuality in general and porn in particular (let’s not automatically associate one with the other) and there is no exploitation, violence, or offenses to the common decencies involved, porn strikes me as simply entertainment. Some forms of entertainment I like (e.g., Broadway musicals, concerts, novels and triathlons), some (e.g., NASCAR races, reality and quiz shows, televangelists) I don’t. However, the total lack of appeal of the latter does not mean I want them outlawed, demonized or treated like radioactive waste products. A bit of regulation to protect the innocent from corruption, perhaps, but let’s separate evidence-based controls from censorship based on religion-inspired hysteria founded on dogma.

Dictionary definitions consistently describe porn as erotic depictions of behavior intended to cause sexual excitement. That seems reasonable and serviceable as a definition. However, most of us could probably recall times and situations that somehow prompted sexual excitement that definitely were not designed for such purposes. I recall odd stirrings of weird pleasure when Sister Alphonse Maria swatted me on the butt for talking in line while waiting for confession in third grade. I’m pretty sure no photos or video of that scene would ever strike anyone as being remotely erotic, but it sure was to me. In fact, without the incident, I would have been low on material when I stepped into the confessional. As it was, I chose to add the incident to my other transgressions (e.g., disobeyed my mother twice, sneaked candy before dinner seven times, etc.) revealed to and forgiven by Father LaRue. He must have thought the incident depicted a bit of eroticism, too for my sentence was pretty harsh – a dozen Hail Marys instead of the usual two.

Porn is not new, even if it has grown exponentially with the advent of the Internet. If you doubt it, check a few art books for ancient cave wall paintings or read the Kama Sutra. It’s really old stuff; but today’s porn is better illustrated and depicted, as well as more convenient given the internet, DVDs and enhanced photo imagery. For those so inclined, and the numbers are huge, porn seems to enhance life quality, unless of course they get caught looking at it. A Forbes article in 2001 put the sales of porn in this country alone (including video, pay-per-view, Internet and magazines) between $2.6 billion and $3.9 billion. (How Big Is Porn? Adams Media Research, Forrester Research and Veronis Suhler Communications Industry Report.)

Experts on the topic tell us that porn appeals mainly to men, which seems obvious. (More than half a century ago, Kinsey showed that 54 percent of men but only 12 percent of women were aroused by porn. However, porn in the 40’s and 50’s left a lot to be desired by today’s spectacular standards of the art.) Men probably have a greater interest in meaningless sex, which I suspect is characteristic of porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with meaningless sex — after all, life itself is meaningless, save for the meanings we attribute to it. Men probably masturbate a lot more than women, and porn is a convenient, relatively risk-free way to gain the level of excitement needed for orgasm. Unless, of course, you are burdened with religious baggage about sin and all that.

A lot of sex research suggests that males really can’t help themselves, that is, resist porn. Experts in sex studies explain the male preoccupation with sexuality as a condition of evolved genetic makeup. It’s all about chemicals. There are good biological reasons why men favor porn, so back off and leave us alone — we’re victims of nature, don’t you know? Besides, if porn gives men a safe outlet for physical gratification and saves a lot of time and explosive, dysfunctional relationships, is it not a good thing, ceteris paribus?

So, if all porn is not inherently evil and destructive and at odds with all that is good and wholesome, what next? What might be said, for starters, of a somewhat positive nature about the topic in the context of quality of life wellness? Here are a few possibilities, off the top:

* Go with freedom. If something (like porn, for example) bores or offends you and you can’t be sure it is causing irreparable harm, consider ignoring it and getting on with whatever rings your own bells.

* Porn can be good or not good. Depends. Depends on many variables. Avoid simplistic, unsupportive assertions devoid of clear evidence, including all such assertions in this essay.

* Sometimes it’s better to fantasize about some things than to try or scarier still, actually do them. On the other hand, sometimes it’s really great to do them. (At least that’s what they tell me.)

* Fantasy can be a good thing, especially where sexual arousal is concerned.

* Porn can serve a number of wellness skill area functions, such as stress management (e.g., a non-drug temporary fix for negative mood states such as anxiety or even depression), humor and the experience of multiple DBRU equivalents (best of time moments).

* Like food, fitness, a passion for excellence or the quest for the meaning of life, sex and/or porn can be overdone, pursued or indulged in to excess and thereby constitute a key factor in the loss of balance in meeting one’s needs.
* Be attentive to your responsibilities and obligations to others when pursuing any passions or even inconsequential little secret pleasures.

There is a great deal that we don’t know about the nature and varied effects of porn. Examples include if and how to regulate it to protect children and weak-minded folks, how to diminish or even eliminate altogether the typical disrespect for women and how to educate everyone more effectively in order that the market for bizarre and truly distasteful sexuality is dramatically reduced.

It would, I believe, be a very good thing if steps were taken to deal with porn — and the larger and vastly more consequential but related topic of healthy sexuality, as a fact of modern life — and to do so in an open fashion.

Let’s address this topic as part of wellness (quality of life) in a manner as free of guilt, shame, inhibition and embarrassment as it is possible to muster. Let’s do our part to deal wisely and effectively with the negativity associated with our culturally repressed attitudes toward sexuality. The primary issue isn’t so much whether porn is good or bad or right or wrong. Rather, since porn is with us and is not likely to go away, what are the wisest responses to and about it, personally and as a society — and how best to address it in the larger context of wellness sex?

Summing up from a REAL wellness perspective, the bottom line to ponder is whether and how porn enhances or diminishes quality of life and under what specific circumstances can positive outcomes be encouraged.

Control Your Internet Pornography Addiction

To control your internet pornography addiction there is no one simple answer. This is because internet pornography addiction is a psychological problem and everyone has different issues and problems that must be overcome to really end their habitual porn viewing.

However one important step to doing this is to control your browsing habits when online and while it may seem overly simplistic, out of sight out of mind can be a help in controlling your browsing habits as many who start out on the net do not plan to be drawn into pornography but end up through the ease of access and lingering links and pornographic content on your computer.

A quick guide to starting with a clean slate for cleaner browsing is:

Delete all porn from your computer, extra hard drives, USB sticks ANYTHING!
Get rid of all bookmarks, browsing history, internet cache and so forth.
Unsubscribe from all porn sites you have paid for or have passwords for.
Now this is not going to stop you going to porn sites but it will help with willpower when your computer is clean of temptation. The next step in controlling your internet pornography addiction browsing is to get an adult content blocker which can completely lock you out of all adult entertainment sites forcing you to go cold turkey so to speak.

This of course can be bypassed because you know the password to the program but it is a limited deterrent. However if you have someone you can trust and understands you are trying to change your life and break your addiction to pornography then you can get them to set the password and not tell you completely locking you out.

Is a Pornography Addiction a Big Deal?

There are many wide ranging views on pornography, not to mention a pornography addiction. Some people view all pornography as an illness while others feel that it’s really nobody’s concern what you view in your own home. In order to meet the standard criteria set forth to qualify as an addiction, one would have to say that if the user can’t go without watching their pornography, there is a problem.

One of the biggest problems with ignoring a pornography addiction is that it can lead to more severe behaviors. It’s not that big of a step from the chronic use of porn to heightening the level of the high by heightening the seriousness of the pornography. This can lead to moving onto sadistic and child pornography and then into things like snuff films. All of these are highly illegal and can certainly be considered immoral even by those who support the use of adult pornography.

Many pornography addicts move toward sexual addiction. While it’s not true for all individuals who are thoroughly addicted to pornography, there is a link between escalating behaviors and escalating pornography preferences.

The chronic use of pornography is not just a men’s disease. There are plenty of women addicts who fly under the radar because they are women. Most people, even some professionals, have a strong gender bias when it comes to women and their use of pornography.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue itself, any behavior that interferes with normal relationships, family time, and work related issues is problematic. Many addicts choose to use the late night hours when the household is asleep before they delve into serious pornography. This allows them privacy. Privacy is the first step to hiding the frequency as well as the content of the pornography of choice.

It can be difficult to recognize the signs when you have a rather open mind on the issue. If you feel there is nothing wrong with watching the material, it may be much harder for you to be able to recognize the symptoms of an actual addiction.

Getting help for an addiction to pornography is vital. This is generally not an addiction that can be handled on one’s own because access is so incredibly easy. It may not seem like it, but to an addict of pornography even suggestive television can prompt urges. It is within everyone’s best interest that an addict receives intervention counseling as soon as possible. The loss of family, friends, and livelihood can depend on how early treatment is sought and accepted.

5 Help for Porn Addiction Tips

If you need some help for porn addiction because your porn habit has become out of control and is ruling your life, then pay attention to these 5 tips to break pornography addiction!

1. Not in Sight – Not a Problem

The most immediate trigger to set off a craving for porn is of course seeing pornography. If you have not managed to clear away any evidence of porn on your computer, or from your house, then you are just tempting yourself as you will find it – and you will be greatly tempted to use it. Take charge, and make sure your place is totally porn free! This is also a powerful motivator psychologically to start your journey to eliminate porn addiction from your life. Imagine if you were addicted to cigarettes, would you see keeping half a pack in the house even if you decided quitting is a good thing? Or would you see that as a hint that you are planning to fail…?

2. Stop Temptation

Even with all of your porn gone from your house and computer, it is very easy to find more porn as we all know. In fact, even when you are NOT looking for porn online – a missed click, a stray cursory glance at a website, a banner ad that catches your lustful attention – all these things can be dangerous. Try getting a porn blocker for your computer, and if possible get someone else to set the password on it to lock you out of any adult content just in case.

3. Create New and Healthy Habits

All the time you used to spend on your pornography habit must be filled with something else that is new and positive. If you do not find something to plug this hole in your life you will gravitate back to it like a rubber band stretched too long! A hobby, exercise, reading, social events, whatever makes you feel fulfilled and accomplished in some way is a good start to this. You need to reprogram your brain so porn viewing is not your default option in these situations and that it becomes something else. This can really help you break porn addiction!

4. Reward Yourself

These new habits have a physical manifestation in the brain we call neural pathways. They are out sets of behaviours we use throughout our lives that form our default patterns and actions. One way to make new pathways stronger, is to reward yourself as you cultivate these new ones. As you succeed in not using porn and swapping that time for other things, remember to reward yourself with something that you link to your success. This reward will to train your brain to want this new behaviour more than porn!

5. Get Help for Porn Addiction

Getting the right help for pornography addiction is quite a tough ask for many men and women who are stuck in this habit. The fear of being reviled, or ridiculed, even by your closest friends or family is strong. However, you may find that there are many sympathetic ears that are willing to listen and help. If you have a wife or girlfriend it can be hard to admit to them, but they can be powerful allies in your quest to break porn addiction. If you are religious you local religious leader is nearly always willing to listen and help too.