Control Your Internet Pornography Addiction

To control your internet pornography addiction there is no one simple answer. This is because internet pornography addiction is a psychological problem and everyone has different issues and problems that must be overcome to really end their habitual porn viewing.

However one important step to doing this is to control your browsing habits when online and while it may seem overly simplistic, out of sight out of mind can be a help in controlling your browsing habits as many who start out on the net do not plan to be drawn into pornography but end up through the ease of access and lingering links and pornographic content on your computer.

A quick guide to starting with a clean slate for cleaner browsing is:

Delete all porn from your computer, extra hard drives, USB sticks ANYTHING!
Get rid of all bookmarks, browsing history, internet cache and so forth.
Unsubscribe from all porn sites you have paid for or have passwords for.
Now this is not going to stop you going to porn sites but it will help with willpower when your computer is clean of temptation. The next step in controlling your internet pornography addiction browsing is to get an adult content blocker which can completely lock you out of all adult entertainment sites forcing you to go cold turkey so to speak.

This of course can be bypassed because you know the password to the program but it is a limited deterrent. However if you have someone you can trust and understands you are trying to change your life and break your addiction to pornography then you can get them to set the password and not tell you completely locking you out.